We often speak about correct personal and professional oral hygiene to safeguard our teeth against insidious bacterial plaque that causes decay AND PERIODONTITIS. Have you ever considered how important your teeth are? Other than the chewing function they are designed for, our teeth are also made for communicating.

Our smile is our calling card: it introduces us to the outside world and is an indication to others of our general state of health. Prevention is better than therapy, hence the importance of careful daily care for the healthy cleaning of our teeth.

As well as using an appropriate toothbrush with synthetic “medium strength’ bristles, it is useful to pay particular attention to how you brush your teeth. Indeed, the toothbrush must always be used vertically, from the gum towards the tooth.
The correct cleaning of the tongue is also of significance. By delicately brushing the innermost part of the tongue you can deter halitosis (bad breath!) whilst removing numerous microorganisms. Fluorine toothpaste has an antiseptic action and is beneficial for the re-mineralisation of the teeth, whilst flossing helps to further remove bacterial plaque. All these good habits, although necessary and paramount, sometimes aren’t enough however to prevent decay or other recurring dental problems.
A visit to the dentist, at least every six months, is also necessary. Tartar that cannot be reached by brushing or flossing is removed from under the gums by the hygienist in a dental hygiene session.

Professional oral hygiene is therefore extremely important and essential. It is an investment in your health, now and in the future. Your trusted dentist, using specific, technologically advanced instruments, can solve dental and orthodontic problems and advise the best solutions for specific problems.

A strong link has also been shown to exist between parodontal complaints (tissue surrounding the tooth) and diabetes mellitus, psychological stress and cardio vascular pathologies.
Therefore, as Henry Miller used to say “the best way to show your teeth is to smile” and if it is true that every day that passes without smiling is a day lost, we have little choice but to pay particular attention to such a valuable asset, our teeth, with the help and support of our dentist!!