We offer the following dental specializations: General dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, surgical dentistry, dental implants, dental prostheses, prophylaxis and cosmetic dentistry.

To make an appointment: please call +39 051 242301 or write to info@dentistabologna.com

Dental visit: Before examining a new patient’s mouth and teeth, it is Dr. di Grazia’s usual procedure to sit down with him or her, establish his/her specific needs and requests and assess his/her general medical history in order to identify any existing pathologies or allergies that could be of relevance during treatment.All treatment, from check-ups to the most complex cures, is carried out using completely disinfected and sterilized materials and equipment.

Disinfection: all surfaces, where doctors and nurses (using disposable gloves) may place their hands, are carefully covered with transparent cellophane films. After each treatment, all equipment (dental chair, handles and all surfaces which have been touched) are unwrapped and the cellophane film is disposed of as special waste. New transparent cellophane film is then used to cover all surfaces in preparation for the next patient. In this way we guarantee the complete cleanliness and hygiene of all equipment that has been handled by operators.

Sterilization: all instruments which come into contact with the patient are, where possible, disposable. Otherwise, they are accurately sterilized at temperatures of over 130° using pressurized steam of approx. 2 atmospheres. The autoclave, as with all other equipment in the surgery, is checked and authorized in accordance with specific regional legislation.