Dental implants can replace one or more teeth that have been lost or that cannot be saved. It is necessary for the implant to be placed on an appropriate gum and bone structure. In this case osteo-integration takes place, conferring stability to the implant in the space of only a few weeks. In many cases, where the bone structure is appropriate and assures direct stability to the implants, it is possible to position a provisional tooth THE VERY SAME DAY that the implant is performed.
This operation is termed IMMEDIATE LOAD IMPLANT.
What is more, in many cases, when an irreparable tooth is extracted, an implant can be immediately inserted, in the same sitting, without having to wait for the gum to heal and, therefore, without having to perform a second operation some time later, with a second anesthetic. This procedure is called FRESH EXTRACTION IMPLANT.
In many fresh extraction cases, it is also possible to carry out an immediate load implant, when there are important esthetic requirements to consider, for example with front teeth.
Dr. Vincenzo di Grazia, implantology specialist in Bologna, will evaluate this possibility.
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